View basics

Adding a view

First, create a new application or navigate to an existing application. Open the application menu on the top-left, and create a new view. The whitespace on the left is your canvas; this will be is a live preview of what users will see. The right sidebar is where you configure the user interface — this is where you will add and configure components and data sources.
Adding a new view to an application


We provide you with two different layout options for your view:
  • Full-screen — with this layout, the app will take up the user's screen. It's super helpful when you are building applications that have a lot of information
  • Constrained width — with this layout, the canvas will be restricted to 900px wide. This is really helpful when you need users to read top-to-bottom, or when there are fewer components in the view.
Toggling view layouts

Previewing a view

Views are live renderings of what the user will see. If you want to see what users will see without the distractions of the editing controls, simply click the person icon to open up the view in a new tab in "Operator mode".
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