Data sources
Data sources are used to populate view components. There are two types of data sources that can be used: worklets, and queries. Data sources get fetched when the page is loaded, when their inputted parameters change, or when view creators explicitly call for a refresh.

Adding a data source

There are two ways to add a data source to a view:
  1. 1.
    At the top-level — click the “Add data source” button. The right sidebar will switch to a data source editor. When you click “Add new data source”, you can choose to either reference a query or a worklet and bind parameters to it. When these parameters change the data source will be refetched.
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    Inline — if a query or worklet is referenced at the component level, it will automatically be added as a top-level data source. The name of the data source will reference where it was added and what type of data source it was.

Referencing data sources

When configuring components with the “Function” option, all the available data sources are nested underneath the data attribute.
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