Creating UI

🖥 Views

BaseTen allows you to create views that users can interact with. These views can interact with models and worklets deployed on BaseTen, display data from queries, and can have input and actions embedded within them. Views are designed to be configurable without writing HTML and CSS, and for the most part, JavaScript. Once views have been created and configured, they can be viewed by operators on BaseTen, or alternatively, can be shared publically through BaseTen's sharing flow.
Views can be described by four key concepts:
  • Components — the elements of the UI that the user can interact with such as tables, forms, buttons, and charts
  • Data — sources of data such as queries and worklets that creators can reference to populate child components
  • State — mutable data fields that change as the user uses the application
  • Actions — logic that gets triggered upon user interaction (e.g. changing views when a user clicks a button)
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