Managing members
With the member management functionality in your BaseTen Settings, you can invite other people to your BaseTen organization so they can collaborate on applications, models, and data sources.

Roles and permissions

There are three distinct organization-level roles, each with different access permissions.
  • Admin - Can create and edit all applications, models, and data sources in the organization. Can manage organization members.
  • Creator - Can create and edit all applications, models, and data sources in the organization.
  • Operator - Can operate all applications in the organization. Cannot create or edit applications, models, or data sources.
Note that the first member of an organization is designated the Owner and has Admin-level permissions.

Inviting members to your organization

To manage members access for a BaseTen organization, you must have either an Owner or Admin role. First, click on the Manage access button, within your Settings. This is where the magic happens ✨
Enter the email address for the person you want to add to your BaseTen organization. Select the role and permission level you’d like the member to have and then click the Invite button.
Invited members will receive an email prompting them to create a BaseTen account and join your organization. Once they’ve created their account, they’ll get access to all of your organization’s applications, models, and database schema, according to the member role and permissions you’ve assigned them.

Publicly sharing an application

If you just want to share an application view with someone, you can generate a publicly shareable link. Anyone with this link can see and operate this application view, without logging into BaseTen. People with this public link will not be able to edit the applications views, worklets, or queries.

Promoting or demoting a member in your organization

As an Owner or Admin, you can change any member’s role in your organization. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility...🤓🕸️
Click into the member’s current role. Then, select a new role for the member from the dropdown.

Removing a member from your organization

As an Owner or Admin, you can remove a member from your BaseTen organization by clicking the 🗑️ icon next to their name and email address. They’ll receive an email letting them know they’ve been removed and will immediately lose access to all applications, models, and data sources in your organization.
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