Deploy a model from Amazon SageMaker.
On the model deployment page, you can also import an Amazon SageMaker model to Baseten. You'll need the following:
  • An AWS account with SageMaker in at least one region
  • An AWS access key with permissions for SageMaker
  • At least one active model on SageMaker
To deploy an Amazon SageMaker model, first establish a data connection to SageMaker. You can do this on the right side of the page, just enter the required information to establish the connection to your AWS account. Connection details are encrypted at rest. Name the data connection something meaningful; you'll be using this name to refer to it elsewhere in your code.
A SageMaker data connection
With your data connection in place, fill out the "Import SageMaker model" form on the right side of the page.
Deploy a SageMaker model
You can deploy any active model from your data connection and configure its endpoint and input format. Before deploying the model, click "Test model" to check that you can safely import the model. Your model will be shown in your list of models and can be used in worklets and views just like any model running on Baseten.