GitHub integration

Connect your GitHub account to Baseten.
The GitHub integration is a feature on paid plans and is not enabled by default. Upgrade to a paid Baseten plan to enable this feature in your Baseten workspace.
Your workspace must also have the draft environment enabled.
In order to use GitHub sync and import code from GitHub, you must first enable the GitHub integration under the "Integrations" tab of the workspace settings. You must be a workspace admin to complete this action.
GitHub Integration
Click the "Connect" button to get started. You will be redirected to GitHub to connect the integration.
Description of the Baseten app on GitHub
Click "Install" to continue. You'll be prompted to choose an account or organization to install the integration with.
Select where to install the Baseten app
The integration works with both personal GitHub accounts and GitHub organizations. This documentation assumes you're connecting your Baseten workspace to a GitHub organization, but the steps are the same for connecting to personal accounts.
Finally, you'll be asked to authorize the integration. It doesn't matter which repositories you select as the integration will create its own baseten_apps repository. Here's why we ask for certain permissions:
  • Administration: Read and Write — Used to create the baseten_apps repository
  • Content: Read and Write — Used to clone, commit and push to the baseten_apps repository
Authorize the Baseten app on GitHub
To enable the integration, click "Install & Authorize" and you'll be redirected back to your Baseten workspace. The integration will now show as connected.
GitHub integration connected
As the integration is enabled, a new repository called baseten_apps has been created inside your GitHub organization.
baseten_apps on GitHub

Disabling the GitHub integration

You can turn off the GitHub integration either from clicking the “Disconnect” button on the Integrations tab of your workspace settings in Baseten or in GitHub through the “Applications” section of your personal account or organization settings.