API keys
Generate and manage API keys.
When you use Baseten through the Python client, you'll need to provide an API key to to deploy models from the command line.
To create an API key, visit the "Authorization" tab in your profile or click "Create an API key" in your dashboard.
Click "New" and a key will be generated for you. Make sure to copy the string displayed, you won't be able to access it again.
After your key is generated, it'll be shown on the "Authorization" tab with a randomly generated two-word name.
You can revoke keys to remove access from your account at any time.

Managing API Keys

You can generate as many API keys as you need on your account.
Make sure to keep your keys out of source code and version control. If you ever suspect a key has been leaked, promptly revoke it from your account and generate a new one. For more, see Google's recommended practices for securely using API keys.
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