Model Zoo

Pre-trained models

BaseTen provides a growing set of trained models that solve common ML tasks. These models are a great way to kickstart your ML application and showcase the features and functionality of BaseTen - you can deploy pre-trained models along with optional application templates to add ML into your application in minutes.
To deploy a trained model, head to the model section of BaseTen and select Add model > Use BaseTen template. Follow the model selection and configuration dialogs to deploy your model.
Deploying a trained model
If you opt for a sample application, going to the applications section of BaseTen you will find an application with relevant resources to support common use cases for the model.

Supported models and frameworks

BaseTen provides models for solving common ML tasks, such as:
  • Image tasks:
    • Classification
    • Segmentation
    • Generation
    • Style-transfer
  • Text-based tasks:
    • Question-answering
    • Text generation
    • Summarization
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Zero-shot classification
    • Translation
  • Audio tasks:
    • Speech transcription
  • Combination tasks:
    • CLIP
If you'd like to see a specific model in BaseTen's model zoo, or if you'd like to fine-tune these models on your data, reach out.
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