Model I/O issues

Error: JSONDecodeError

json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

This error means you’re attempting to pass a model input that is not JSON-serializable. For example, you might have left out the double quotes required for a valid string:

truss predict -d 'This is not a string' # Wrong
truss predict -d '"This is a string"'   # Correct

Model version issues

Error: No OracleVersion matches the given query

<Server response: {
    'errors': [{
        'message': 'No OracleVersion matches the given query.',
        'locations': [{'line': 3, 'column': 13}],
        'path': ['model_version']
    'data': {'model_version': None}

Make sure that the model ID or deployment ID you’re passing is correct and that the associated model has not been deleted.

Additionally, make sure you’re using the correct endpoint:

Authentication issues

Error: Service provider not found

ValueError: Service provider example-service-provider not found in ~/.trussrc

This error means your ~/.trussrc is incomplete or incorrect. It should be formatted as follows:

remote_provider = baseten
api_key = YOUR.API_KEY
remote_url =

Error: You have to log in to perform the request

<Server response: {
    'errors': [{
        'message': 'You have to log in to perform the request',
        'locations': [{'line': 3, 'column': 13}],
        'path': ['model_version'],
        'extensions': {'code': 'UNAUTHENTICATED_ACCESS'}
    'data': {'model_version': None}

This error occurs on truss predict when the API key in ~/.trussrc for a given host is missing or incorrect. To fix it, update your API key in the ~/.trussrc file.

Error: Please check the API key you provided

        "error": "please check the api-key you provided"

This error occurs when using curl or similar to call the model via its API endpoint when the API key passed in the request header is not valid. Make sure you’re using a valid API key then try again.