Issue: truss push can’t find config.yaml

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/philipkiely/Code/demo_docs/config.yaml'

Fix: set correct target directory

The directory truss push is looking at is not a Truss. Make sure you’re giving truss push access to the correct directory by:

  • Running truss push from the directory containing the Truss. You should see the file config.yaml when you run ls in your working directory.
  • Or passing the target directory as an argument, such as truss push /path/to/my-truss.

Issue: unexpected failure during model build

During the model build step, there can be unexpected failures from temporary circumstances. An example is a network error while downloading model weights from Hugging Face or installing a Python package from PyPi.

Fix: restart deploy from Baseten UI

First, check your model logs to determine the exact cause of the error. If it’s an error during model download, package installation, or similar, you can try restarting the deploy from the model dashboard in your workspace.