Keyboard shortcuts
A reference of available keyboard shortcuts within the Baseten application.
Throughout the Baseten platform, we support standard web navigation keyboard input like tab, enter, and escape, as well as meet or exceed modern standards for accessibility. Furthermore, certain areas of the Baseten platform have additional keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflows.
For Windows users, replace Command with Control for all shortcuts.

Code editor

When you edit code anywhere on the Baseten platform, from Code blocks to ad-hoc queries, you are using a web-based version of Visual Studio Code via Monaco Editor. This affords many conveniences — line numbers, syntax highlighting, automatically closing parentheses — as well as a complete set of keyboard shortcuts.
Most shortcuts from the Visual Studio Code shortcut reference will work, except some that are used by the web browser. Command-n will open a new browser window, not a new code tab, and Command-p will print the current page rather than opening the file search. However, Command-s will save your current work, overriding the browser default, while Command-f opens the VSCode find-and-replace within your code editor instead of the standard full-text search on the entire webpage.


From your dashboard, enter Command-k to search all Applications, Models, and Data within your account.

View builder

With a component selected, press "delete" to remove the component.
To undo any action, within the view builder, you can undo your previous action with Command-z and redo with Command-Shift-z.