System packages
Configure your Python environment for access to the system packages you need.
Baseten runs your Python code in a container using a standard Python image for the Debian Operating System.
Occasionally, you may come across Python packages that require additional system packages to function. For example, librosa, a Python package for audio analysis requires the ffmpeg system package for understanding a number of common audio formats such as MP3. Similarly, OpenCV, the popular image-processing package, requires the libjpeg system package to read JPEG files.

Installing system packages

Click on the "System packages" tab within the settings page. Add the packages you want to install, then click "Save & install" and they will be installed. System packages are global resources, so any changes to system packages will immediately affect all applications in both draft and production environments.
System Packages Modal
Currently, only a standard set of package repositories are installable but we intend to expand the number of available repositories. Please let us know if you're unable to install a package you need.
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